A Foolish Fennec

F (she/her) - GNC cis -demiro/bisexual - 22 (07/02/2001) - ♋️ - autistic + ADHD - artist of funny creatures

- Pomni (TADC)
- Gangle (TADC)
- Cross (Ginga series)
- Kieran (Pokémon SV DLC)
- Emmet (Pokémon B/W and B2/W2)
- Mia Fey (Ace Attorney)
- Napstablook (Undertale)
- Marx (Kirby)
- Emma (Pokémon X/Y)
- Lady (Lady & The Tramp)
- Espeon (Pokémon)
- Hisuian Zorua (Pokémon)
- Hisuian Zoroark (Pokémon)
- Fennec Foxes
- Sighthounds (namely Borzois and Salukis)
- Aisha (Neopets)
- Orange Shorthair (PF Magic Catz)
- Thylacines
(I don’t take this too seriously so doubles are a-okay)

My commission status is OPEN.Please note that I have the right to turn down a commission if it makes me uncomfortable.To ask for one, notify me on any of the social medias listed below! then we can chat about specifics and whatnot.
from most to least preferred:
email ([email protected]) > discord > toyhou.se > deviantart > twitter > instagram
I do not have a business email set up just yet!

Where to find me

Discord- lunar.lex
Drawception - The Names Lex
Roblox- ZebraFox
Artfight- LunarLex
Furaffinity - Lexpectations (rarely used)
my site about my music!
my site about petz 4/5!

- I AM VERY SHY!! Please do not take it personally if I don’t reply to something! Please be patient with me
- I’m also awkward especially in social situations
- I have ASD so I may ramble about my special interests a lot! If that annoys you please just tell me lol I understand
- I don’t respond to DMs that just say “hi”
- If you need anything tagged, tell me! I want everyone to feel comfy around me.
- Speaking of which, if anything I say/do makes you uncomfortable, please let me know! If you vague me I may block you!
- I have a few OCs based on existing characters. If you don’t like that, then that’s fine, but keep it to yourself please.
- if you like these franchises, maaaybe avoid talking w/me about them bc I don't like them: South Park, anything made by Vivziepop, Happy Tree Friends, DSMP, Camp Camp
(this doesn't mean that you can't interact w/me if you like these things)
- if I soft blocked you, it is likely because you have a comfort character of mine listed as a discomfort/trigger. (My list of CCs is private for now) I’m doing it for you more than me as I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable by accident with what I post or like.

DNI if you...
- meet basic DNI criteria, such as being homophobic, transphobic, ableist, racist, an exclusionist, etc.
- are a pedo/"MAP" or support pedophilia
- are a zoophile or support zoophilia
- support/condone incest
- are a nazi/anti-semitic
- are an “anti-anti”/proshipper
- use slurs you can’t reclaim
- support cringe culture
- don’t support blm
- are a zionist
- are a nasty person in general, I’ll probably just block you anyway